Connected Contests in the post-classical world

Messene Stadium

Connected Contests is an evolving online research tool to facilitate the study of agonistic networks in the ancient, post-classical world. It is part of a wider research project on the history of athletic and other agonistic festivals from 300 BC-AD 300. (see above under about). This website aims to provide an intuitive database of the many contests of the Greek world, and of the athletes, performers and other participants in these contests. 


The quickest way of consulting the database is by clicking on Search Databases (click top right in the menu bar). You may also consult the individual databases (left in the menubar)  which may take some time to load - we are working on that. The search will yield a list of 'events' (i.e. victories or other achievements) that can be sorted in different ways. From there you can refine your search. You can also download a CSV file with the results. A future release will include the possibility to produce geographically or chronologically determined distribution maps.


The database is compiled from modern collections and catalogues with the aim of making these specialist data available as an accessible and public tool for further studies and network analyses of athletes and their role in connecting the Mediterranean.  At this moment (May 2019) we have entered a selection of the data including the Isthmionikai - which we have based on  Andrew Farrington's  Isthmionikai : a catalogue of Isthmian victors, as well as the Pythonikai and Aktionikai. The Olympionikai will be added shortly, and we expect to have the Nemeoniaki completed in the summer of 2019 thus completing all known victors of the periodos. 


We aim to make this website available as an evolving open-access tool.  Approved users will be able to edit or add records. Individual users will soon be able to leave comments. We have made agreements for collaboration and data-sharing with international colleagues. We welcome further offers of collaboration. Please contact us via the address below.
If you have questions or comments please let us know at

Connected Contests is provided through a grant from the Digital Humanities of the University of Groningen (see About)


Recent Posts

  • Minor updates

    There has been an update to the database: we have made some changes to the tables: Region and Age Category are now separate tables; new tables Role and Deme have been added. we have also fixed a problem with exporting ther esults as a CSV file. Please contact us if you experience any further problems

  • New content

    Over 500 individuals have been added to the database, as all the Pythionikai collected by Jean-Yves Strasser in his 2001 volumes 'Pythionikai. Recherches sur les vainqueurs aux Pythia de Delphes' are now online, as well as all members of ecumenical synods collected by Bram Fauconnier for his 2018 dissertation 'Ecumenical Synods. The Associations of Athletes and Artists in the Roman Empire'. We want to thank both scholars for allowing us to add their data to the Connected Contests Database!

  • Project Launch

    On 1 February we have launched or new NWO-funded research project Connecting the Greeks - multiscalar festival networks in the Hellenistic world. Read the full blog for a nice group photo.

  • Presentation of our Project in Warwick

    On 29 January 2019 Onno van Nijf will present the Connecting the Greeks project at the University of Warwick. He is invited by Prof. Zahra Newby who directs a project on the Materiality of Graeco-Roman festivals. We are looking forward to further collaboration with our colleagues at Warwick.

  • 4 year NWO funding for Connecting the Greeks

    We have just received funding for our project Connecting the Greeks: multi-scalar festivals in the Hellenistic world ...






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