Event: Publius Aelius Aristomachos from Magnesia on the Meander (Ionia)

Event ID 1276
Person Publius Aelius Aristomachos son of ___ from Magnesia on the Meander in Ionia
Festival Sebasta in Neapolis (Italy)
Discipline combat sports: pankration
Age Category paides
Date 118 - 118
Achievement V
Comment: The Sebasta in Neapolis are next in line, I.Magnesia 181 suggests so by using 'eita'. In general for dating I follow Farrington (2012), 144 note 467, which reproduces two possible career reconstructions from the two inscriptions as given in IAG 204 - Moretti assumes a chronological order for Aristomachos' victories, which is reasonable since I.Magnesia 180 gives some indication of dating (Olympiads a.o.) and I.Magnesia 181 extensively uses adverbs and particles to describe the order in which his victories appear. The dating of Aristomachos' Actian and Nemaean victories are somewhat unclear, but generally his victories fall between the short time limit given. The discipline is not made explicit, but due to chronology and the fact that I.Magnesia 180 later switches to another age category (viz. 'ageneioi') it is assumed his victory is still in 'pankration - paides' (I.Magnesia 181 also calls Aristomachos the pankratiast) - PK