Event: Kallias son of Didymias from Athens (Attica)

Event ID 1741
Person Kallias son of Didymias from Athens in Attica
Festival Panathenaia ta megala in Athens (Attica)
Date -486 - -458
Achievement V
Comment: For the dating I follow Farrington (2012), no. 1.34 and p. 112 note 240, mainly based around Moretti's (1957), no. 228's dating of Kallias' Olympic victory to 472 B.C. (mentioned in Paus. 5.9.3, 6.6.1, IG I(3) 893 = IAG 15, IG I(3) 1473 = IvO 146 and most importantly for the dating perhaps P.Oxy II 222, col. 1 line 26; that all these sources deal with the same Athenian Kallias is assumed by Farrington and here followed). Following Klee one could date the other victories of Kallias (as mentioned in IG I(3) 893 = IAG 15), but stick to the outline of Farrington as it is not certain whether these victories were won before or after the Olympic victory. IG I(3) 893 = IAG 15 mentions an Olympic, two Pythian, five Isthmian, five Nemean victories as well as a victory in the Great Panathenaia. It does not give discipline, though from the other sources it is clear that Kallias' Olympic victory was as a pankratiast. Age category is also unknown, though if DAA 21 pertains to the same Kallias, we may have to conclude at least some of them were won as a pais. All contest places are implicit. - PK