Event: Marcus Aurelius Antonius Lucius from Smyrna (Ionia)

Event ID 30124
Person Marcus Aurelius Antonius Lucius son of ___ from Smyrna in Ionia
Festival Capitolia in Rome (Italy)
Discipline combat sports: ___
Date 160 - 180
Achievement V
Comment: In l. 18, Robert reads Ῥ̣ώ̣μ̣η̣ πα̣ί̣δ̣ω̣ν ἀ̣γενε̣ίω̣ν̣ ἀ̣ν̣δ̣ρῶ̣ν. Caldelli follows this reading and suggests that the athlete won this festival therefore at least three times. The edition in I.Smyrna, which Farrington follows, reads in the same line: [Ἴ]σθμια παίδων, ἀγενείων, ἀνδρῶν κατὰ τ[ὸ] Both Farrington and Caldelli rank their athlete among resp. their 'Capitolini certi' and 'definite individual Isthmionikai'