Event: Marcus Aurelius Antonius Lucius from Smyrna (Ionia)

Event ID 304490
Person Marcus Aurelius Antonius Lucius son of ___ from Smyrna in Ionia
Festival Koinon Asias in Smyrna (Ionia)
Age Category andres
Date 145 - 180
Achievement V
Comment: According to Cartledge (1989) this athlete was active somewhere during the Antonine Period (96-192). According to Gouw (2009) this athlete was active in combatsports, of which the specific discipline is unknown. Both Gouw and Farrington (2012) state that this athlete has been active in the age categories of paidon, ageneioi and andres. Farrington indicates that this athlete was probably active somewhere between 145 AD - 180 (footnote 518). - YP Additionally to the honorary citizenships spelled out, he was also an honorary citizen and council member (βουλευτής) in other cities (ll. 4-5). Victory list not completely added to CC-database (April 2020) - CT