Event: Gnaeus Cornelius Pulcher

Event ID 4483
Person Gnaeus Cornelius Pulcher son of ___ from ___
Festival ___ in Epidauros (Epidauria)
Discipline chariot: harma (teleion)
Age Category
Date 32 - 33
Achievement V
Comment: The inscription mentions the Ἀπολλωνεῖα καὶ Ἀσκλαπεῖα καὶ Καισάρηα when Ἀρχελόχου was agonothetes. Sève names it on p. 314 as three games (trois concours), but on p. 313 he says that the Kaisareia are added from the imperial period onwards, but it remains unclear (to me) whether it is added as a new festival (of which Archelos was also agonothetes) or added to the existing ones.