Event: Marcus Aurelius Koros from Thyateira (Lydia)

Event ID 4695
Person Marcus Aurelius Koros son of ___ from Thyateira in Lydia
Festival Aktia? in Nikopolis? (Epeiros)
Date 166 - 166
Comment: SEG 48-1481: 'CIG 3674; IGR IV 160. P.Herz, Nikephoros 11 (1998) 171-182, argues (a) that Koros’ victories in the age-class of the ἀγένειοι (17-20-year-old) in the Καπετώλεια and the Ἐπινείκια (κατὰ τὸ ἑξῆς; LL. 10-12) took place in 166 A.D. (May/June and October, respectively); that between June and October he may have participated in the Σεβαστά in Naples and the Ἄκτια in Nikopolis (unsuccessfully); and that he may have been enfranchised as a result of his victory in the Kapetolia...'