Festival: Eleutheria in Larisa (Thessaly)

Festival ID: 529
Festival Name: Eleutheria
Festival Place: Larisa (Thessaly)
List of Participants:
([athlete]) from Megara (Attica)
[runner] son of [---]os/[---]es from Miletos (Ionia)
[runner] son of [---]achos from Epirus (Epirus)
[---]s son of Stratokles from Laodikeia (Phrygia?)
[---]es son of Eleutherios from Sikyon (Sikyonia)
Kanachos son of Gorgias from Sikyon (Sikyonia)
Harmonikos son of Eudamidas from Sparta (Lakonia)
Parmeniskos son of Thearetos from Kos (Kos)
Apollonios son of Menophilos from Alabanda (Caria)
Demetrios son of Menander/Menandros from Larisa (Thessaly)
Petraios son of Themistogenes from Gyrton (Thessaly)
Lykophron son of Anaxipolis from Pherai (Thessaly)
Nikandros son of Gaios
Apollonios son of Apollonios
Themistion son of [---]rchos from Larisa? (Thessaly)
Nikopolis son of Damoxenos
[---]nos son of Parmenontos from ? (?)
Sosikrates son of Sosikratos/Sosikrates from Megara? (Attica?)
Antigonos son of Alkippos from (Thessaly?)
Kallon son of Xenophilos from Opous (Locris)
Irakleidas son of Demetrios
Nikoksenos son of Nikoksenos
Moas son of Dionysios from Antiochia? (Pisidia?)
Hermogenes son of Apollodoros from ? (?)
Diotimos son of Pantalkes from Pharsalos? (Thessaly)
Hieronymos son of Mitrod[---]/Metrod[---] from ? (?)
Aristomenes son of Soti[---] from ? (?)
Dionysios son of Mitrophas/Metrophanes from ? (?)
[---]ione daughter of Polyxenos from Larisa (Thessaly)
Alkotas son of Lattamos from Kierion (Thessaly)
Klearchos son of Arnias from Larisa (Thessaly)
[---]ches son of Pausanias from Larisa (Thessaly)
Timasitheos son of Hermias from Larisa (Thessaly)
Philokrates son of Antigonos from Larisa (Thessaly)
Nikokles son of Nikokles from Kleitor (Arcadia)
([pankratiast]) son of Diokleos from Athamania (Thessaly)
[pentathlete] from Patrai (Achaia)
[pentathlete] son of [---]o from Kyzikos (Mysia)
[equestrian] from Larisa (Thessaly)
[rider] son of Leontomenes from Pherai (Thessaly)
[---]os son of Portinos from Larisa (Thessaly)
[---]es son of Isadoros from Neapolis (Italy)
[---]nes son of Menippos from Antiochia on the Maeander (Ionia)
[---]n son of Pythion from Ephesos (Ionia)
[Agath]on son of Agathokles from Larisa (Thessaly)
([priest]) son of Kleonikos from Larisa (Thessaly)
Isagoras son of [Pherekrates] from Larisa? (Thessaly)
Antimachides son of Pythonikos from Larisa (Thessaly)
Radios (Rhadios) son of Pandokos from Larisa (Thessaly)
Thrasippos son of Nikator from Larisa (Thessaly)
Aristokleia daughter of Megalokles from Larisa (Thessaly)
Theodoros son of Alexandros from Atrax (Thessaly)
Aristokles son of Kleomachides from Larisa (Thessaly)
Pythodoros son of Sosthenes from Korkyra (Corfu)
Attalos son of Theomnestos from Metropolis (Thessaly)
Aristodemos son of Nikomenes from Thebes (Boiotia)
Demetrios son of Demetrios from Syracuse (Sicily)
Dionysios son of Herophilos from Magnesia on the Maeander (Ionia)
Isidikos son of Mnasikles from Kyme (Aeolis?)
[A]rotes son of Arotes from Thasos (Thasos)
Euphor[---] from ? (?)
Kratinos son of Pythonikos from ? (Thessaly)
Theodotos son of Theodotos from Larisa (Thessaly)
Xenios son of Dionysios from (Boiotia)
Philistion son of Damophaon from (Boiotia)
Nikodromos son of Naustratos from Larisa (Thessaly)
Androsthenes son of Italos from Gyrton (Thessaly)
[wrestler, pankratist] from Messene (Achaia)
[Larisan] from Larisa (Thessaly)
Stratios son of Melanthios from Kierion (Thessaly)
Nikokles son of Nikatas from Akriai (Lakonia)