Person: ([athlete]) from Athens (Attica)

Person ID: 503
Alternative Name: [athlete]
Place of Origin: Athens (Attica)
Date Range: -338 to -250
List of Festivals:
Amphiaraia in Oropos (Attica)
List of Events:
Amphiaraia in Oropos (Attica) on ( -338 to -250 )
List of Disciplines:
?: ?
List of References:
IG II(2), 3140
List of Prosopographies:
Farrington (2012), no. 1.71
Comment: Quoting Farrington (2012), p. 123-4 note 299: 'IG II2 no. 3140 consists of (face A) two crowns, in one of which is set the words οἱστεφανῖται and in the other οἱφυλέται, and (face B) of two more crowns, one of which encloses the word Ἴσθμια and the other of which encloses the word Ἀμφιέρ[ε]ια [...]. That IG II2 no. 3140 mentions the Amphiaraia in the same terms as the Isthmia suggests that the inscription dates to sometime in the period after 338 BC, when the Amphiaraia had become penteteric. At Athens the φυλέται appear in inscriptions dated generally to between the mid 4c and mid 3c BC, although they are not at all unknown after this time. Thus IG II2 no. 3140 may date to between 338 BC and perhaps ca 250 BC.' - PK See also Person ID 11734