Person: Astymedes son of Philophron (adopted) from Rhodes? (Rhodes)

Person ID: 521
Name: Astymedes
Father's Name: Philophron (adopted)
Place of Origin: Rhodes? (Rhodes)
Date Range: -280 to -240
List of Festivals:
Isthmia? in Isthmia (Corinthia)
List of Events:
Isthmia? in Isthmia (Corinthia) on ( -280 to -240 )
List of Disciplines:
chariot: tethrippon (teleion)
List of References:
SEG 49.1075 (2)
List of Prosopographies:
Farrington (2012), no. 1.86
Comment: SEG 49.1075 is a double victory inscription of which the second part, heavily restored, refers to Astymedes who might have won the Isthmian games with the chariot. Cf. Farrington (2012), p. 127-8 note 325 for a discussion of the source and the dating of it, which stands at the basis of the given date range. - PK