Event: Kreontidas from Aegina? (Aegina)

Event ID 1553
Person Kreontidas son of ___ from Aegina? in Aegina
Festival Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
Discipline combat sports: pugme
Age Category
Date -565 - -525
Achievement V
Comment: Kreontidas is mentioned in Pi. N. 6.39-44 as some ancestor of the subject of the ode, Alkidamas. It is assumed on this basis that Kreontidas was also from Aigina, since his mention is in a praise of Alkidamas' family's victories. For the dating I follow Farrington (2012), no. 1.11 and p. 102-3 note 206, on the supposed dating of the poem as well as the assumption that Kreontidas might be Praxidamas' (Alkidamas' grandfather) brother, who was an Olympic victor in 544 B.C. The contest place is described, though not named. The discipline is by deduction: the poem is partly about Alkidamas' victorious ancestors in boxing. - PK