Event: Philinos son of Hegepolis from Kos (Kos)

Event ID 2164
Person Philinos son of Hegepolis from Kos in Kos
Festival Isthmia in Isthmia (Corinthia)
Discipline running: ___
Age Category
Date -270 - -256
Achievement V
Comment: Paus. 6.17.2 states that Philinos won five Olympic, four Pythian, four Nemean and eleven Isthmian victories for 'running' ('dromos'). The date range is that of Farrington, explained at Farrington (2012), p. 128 note 329 and partly based on Moretti's (1957) dating of the Olympic victories; Moretti places some of these victories in the same Olympiad, suggesting that Philinos won both the stadion and the diaulos at the same time. - PK