Person: [artist] daughter of Apollonios from Alexandria (Egypt)

Person ID: 11476
Name: [artist]
Father's Name: Apollonios
Place of Origin: Alexandria (Egypt)
Honorary Citizen of:
Kos (Kos)
List of Festivals:
? in ? (?)
Koinon Asias in Pergamon (Mysia)
Sebasta Olympia in Pergamon (Mysia)
List of Events:
Sebasta Olympia in Pergamon (Mysia) on ( ? to 50 )
Koinon Asias in Pergamon (Mysia) on ( ? to 50 )
? in ? (?) on ( ? to 50 )
List of Disciplines:
theatre: poesis (komoidias)
List of References:
Bosnakis (2004), p. 99-108 = SEG 54.787
IG XII 4.845
List of Prosopographies:
Strasser (2021), no. 18
Comment: Strasser argues that the agon is in any case unknown, because it cannot be the Sebastas of Naples, but it still occupies the place of honor, which would be appropriate for a competition of Cos itself. The inscription is presented below a statue of the poetess Delphi, daughter of Praxagoras from Cos (c. 3rd c. BCE). The statue was reused to honour the poetess of Alexandria.