Person: Diophanes son of Empedion from Athens (Attica)

Person ID: 489
Name: Diophanes
Father's Name: Empedion
Place of Origin: Athens (Attica)
Date Range: -400 to -350
List of Festivals:
Isthmia in Isthmia (Corinthia)
List of Events:
Isthmia in Isthmia (Corinthia) on ( -400 to -350 )
List of Disciplines:
combat sports: pankration
List of References:
CEG 758
IG II(2), 3125 = SEG 46.255 = IAG 22 = Ebert (1972), no. 40
List of Prosopographies:
Farrington (2012), no. 1.59
Comment: For the dating I follow Farrington (2012), no. 1.59 and p. 119-20 note 278, based on the often unexplained dating of the source inscription to the 4th century B.C. Note that there are some differences between the editions of the epigram in the inscription. It is however generally accepted that it mentions an Isthmian victory for Diophanes as an ageneios pankratiast. - PK