Event: Publius Aelius Artemas from Laodikeia (Pisidia)

Event ID 1309
Person Publius Aelius Artemas son of ___ from Laodikeia in Pisidia
Festival Isthmia in Isthmia (Corinthia)
Discipline other: keryxis
Age Category
Date 121 - 139
Achievement V
Comment: The Isthmia are unspecified, but since it is mentioned in the list with the Olympics, the Capitolia, the Aktia, the Nemea and the Pythia, i.e. the periodos, it is clear he is talking about 'the' Isthmia; these were presumably from Nero onward held at the Poseidon sanctuary at the Isthmos, cf. Farrington (2012), 25; Artemas won the Isthmia 5 times; I take the dating from Farrington (2012), 147 note 476, based on the firmly dated Olympian victory by Moretti (1957), no. 854 to 137 A.D. (the source gives the Olympiad) and the dating of the inscription (Ivo 217 = IAG 70) by Moretti to ca. 140 A.D. - Farrington goes from here to the proposed date range by assuming a possible career length of ca. 20 years for a herald; about discipline it is said 'kerukas kai tous hypogegrammenous agonas'. - PK