Event: Leon son of Leompedon from Ioulis? (Keos)

Event ID 2030
Person Leon son of Leompedon from Ioulis? in Keos
Festival Nemea in Argos (Argeia)
Discipline other: keryxis
Age Category
Date -396 - -330
Comment: Mentioned in IG XII.5 608 line 16, 29, discussed in Schmidt, D. (1999), 'An Unusual Victory List from Keos: IGXII.5.608 and the Dating of Bacchylides', JHS 119, 67-85, p.70. I follow Farrington (2012), no. 1.61 and p. 120 note 281. Farrington suggests Ioulis, perhaps Keos as the origin of the victor, since that is where the inscription, a victory list likely pertaining to Isthmian victors (Farrington (2012), p. 113 note 249), was found (from l. 17 onward it pertains to Nemean victories). Farrington's note 281 pertains to the dating, which he based upon the estimated addition of the herald category to the Olympian games (in 396 B.C.; Farrington assumes that the addition to the other festivals postdated this) and the dating of the inscription (viz. before 330 B.C.). - PK There was probably a herald contest at both the Isthmia and the Nemea by 374 (Schmidt). Farrington dates the victory of Leon based on the date of the inscription (ca 330 BC) and the instalment of herald contests in the Nemea. -EK