Festival: Eukratia in Antiochia (on the Orontes) (Syria)

Festival ID: 463
Festival Name: Eukratia
Festival Place: Antiochia (on the Orontes) (Syria)
List of Participants:
Demetrios son of Demetrios from Salamis (Cyprus)
Quintus Julius Dionysios from Katane (Sicily)
Publius Aelius Heliodoros from Kalykadnos (Cilicia)
([runner]) from Kaisareia Tralleis (Caria)
Comment: Eukratia are known to have been organised in Antiochia. However, in the inscription DAMM 101-105, some of the stone is damaged and restored the text in ll. 6-7 as Ἀντιόχειαν τὸν Εὐκρατια/[νὸ]νͅ β’, i.e. 'Eukratianon'.